Wood-fired Shino Guinomi


Shino guinomi by master ceramist Ichiro Hori
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Mizunami, Japan

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610.00 €

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    A masterpiece for collectors

    This Guinomi is a wonderful example of Ichiro Hori's distinctive signature. Pure white Shino glaze contrasts with flaring scarlet strokes and spots. It expresses the motion and movements through profound quietness, a powerful work in its unique harmony. Associations of shape, texture, colour and composition are symbols of Ichiro Hori’s perfect control of fire.

    Ichiro Hori studied under master Kato Kozo, a living national treasure of Japan.

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    Handcrafted Mastery

    Shino Guinomi

    Size: Ø6.2x6.2xH6.0 cm
    with original wood box signed by Ichiro Hori
    Handcrafted in Mizunami, Japan