Water Drop Han Dynasty Style


by Gallery Ceramic Artist Takeshi Omoura
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Ukiha, Japan

790.00 € 790.0 EUR 790.00 €

790.00 €

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    Ancient Design & Modern Twist

    Water drops are used for painters and calligraphers for pouring a minimum amount of water while milling an ink bar on the stone. This water drop has an unconventional form, inspired by the ancient shape of objects. Its distinctive glaze finish is the signature of ceramist Takeshi Omoura. Born in 1977, Takeshi Omoura was a student of master ceramist Iwate Keisuke, and went on to build his own kiln in Ukiha in 2001. A truly beautiful and rare object.

    with a handmade Japanese Paulownia wood box