Urushi Natsume Tea Caddy


Tea Caddy by Lacquer Artist Michiba Soko
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Kaga, Japan

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290.00 €

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    Urushi Ware - An Art of Patience 

    An outstanding black-red lacquer ware handcrafted by the renowned lacquer artist Michiba Soko. Born in Saga, a centre of traditional Japanese lacquer heritage, Michiba Soko was taught by his father, also a lacquer artist. For over thirty years, his work has greatly contributed to the world of tea ceremony. The black painted lacquer over the base of red lacquer symbolises the start of a new year, and every stroke of the beautiful motifs is entirely hand painted.

    This tea caddy is a fine example of Japanese lacquer ware. It has not only a high aesthetic value, but thanks to its perfect closure it is also an excellent caddy to preserve the tea.

    Urushi Natsume

    Dimension: Ø6x6xH8 cm
    with original wood box titled, signed and sealed by Michiba
    Handcrafted in Kaga, Japan