Shino Glaze Guinomi

Guinomi by Master Ceramic Artist Wakasa Nobuyoshi
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Yachiyo, Japan

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295.00 €

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    The Multi facet of Shino

    This Guinomi is a stunning Shino ware with a beautifully natural peach colour. Its individual style and the refinement of shino glaze represents the creator Wakasa Nobuyoshi’s modern take on the traditional Japanese art of ceramics. Born in Tokyo in 1970, Wakasa Nobuyoshi has an interesting education background in ceramic. He first studied with the eldest son of the Living National Treasure Shimizuke Uichi, Shimizuke Yasutaka. Three years later he studied with Yuichi Ikai, another prominent ceramist. In 2001 Wakasa Nobuyoshi built his own wood-fired kiln in Yachiyo and his works have been presented at exhibitions alongside those of Living National Treasure Shimizuke Uichi.

    Shino glaze fired in a traditional Japanese wood-burning kiln
    Important exhibitions with LNT Shimizu Uichi
    with original wood box signed and sealed by Wakasa
    Handcrafted in Yachiyo, Japan