Ransai Indigo Chawan


Bizen Chawan by leading Bizen Ware Ceramic Artist -
Matsui Tomoyuki
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Bizen, Okayama, Japan

3,170.00 € 3170.0 EUR 3,170.00 €

3,170.00 €

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    Made in a traditional Japanese wood-fired Noborigama | 20days pine wood firing
    Made by Intangible Cultural Asset holder
    Rare indigo glazed Bizen ware

    A masterpiece for collectors

    A strikingly beautiful indigo-glazed Bizen chawan handcrafted by one of Japan's most celebrated Bizen ware ceramist, Matsui Tomoyuki. Born in 1931 in Kumamoto prefecture, he received the Important Intangible Cultural Asset in 1996. Thanks to his mentorship at Bizen pottery centre, about five hundred students have been trained under him since 1960, which leaves a great credit to the Bizen pottery world. Bizen is one of the oldest pottery styles, with a tradition dating back over 1000 years in Japan.

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    Bizen Chawan

    Size: Ø11.6x11.6xH8 cm
    with original wood box signed by Matsui
    Handcrafted in Bizen, Okayama, Japan