Kiseto Kaiyu Ash Glaze Chawan

Kiseto Chawan by gallery ceramist Suzuki Satoru
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Miyagi, Japan

1,265.00 € 1265.0 EUR 1,265.00 €

1,265.00 €

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    Kiseto with Contemporary Touch 

    This marvelous Kiseto ash glazed chawan is a true jewel of Seto wares. Vibrant and serene, the cracking patterns and wild strokes of green and yellow symbolize the harmony between forest moss, soil and nature.

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    Kiseto Chawan

    Size: Ø11.8x11.8xH9.3 cm
    with original wood box titled, signed and sealed by Suzuki
    Handcrafted in Miyagi, Japan