Karatsu Chawan


Karatsu Chawan by master ceramist Mizokami Sofu
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Saga, Japan

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2,120.00 €

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    The Beauty of Karatsu Tradition

    This chawan is an authentic tea ceremony chawan, a wonderful piece of Karatsu ware by one of its representative artists, Mizokami Sofu. As the fourteen-time winner of the Japan Fine Arts exhibition, Sofu's work plays important roles for Karatsu kilns. The offering presentation to Takamatsu Nomiya Japanese Imperial family in 1969 is an example of how his artworks are praised in Japan.

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    Made in a traditional Japanese wood-fired Noborigama
    Studied with LNT Manji Inoue
    Offering to Japanese Imperial family


    Karatsu Chawan

    Size: Ø13.6x13.6xH7.2 cm
    with original wood box titled, signed and sealed by Mizokami
    Handcrafted in Saga, Japan