Horai Chawan


Chawan by LNT Living National Treasure Ceramic Artist - Shimizu Uichi
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Shiga, Japan

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1,030.00 €

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    Chawan for the Tea Ceremony

    Shimizu Uichi was a leading Kyoto-based ceramist, the son of a ceramic dealer. Renowned for his experiments with recreating ancient Chinese ceramics, Shimizu Uichi was appointed a Living National Treasure in 1985. He studied under LNT Ishiguro Munemaro (1893-1968), Japan’s most celebrated representative of early Chinese ceramic styles and his artworks are on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tokyo National Museum, Kyoto Museum of Modern Art and the Freer Gallery, among others.

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    Awarded LNT in 1985
    Shimizu's signature Horai Glaze

    Horai Chawan

    Size: Ø12.5x12.5xH8.0 cm
    with original wood box titled, signed and sealed by Shimizu Uichi
    Handcrafted in Shiga, Japan