Hagi Guinomi by Sakakura Shinbei XIV


Hagi Guinomi by Master Sakakura Shinbei XIV
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Nagato, Japan

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1,126.00 €

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    The Hagi-ware for the Connoisseurs

    This Guinomi is an exemplary work of Hagi ware, overlaid with rosy tan and handcrafted by the master ceramist of Hagiyaki pottery, Sakakura Shinbei XIV. As the descendent of Korean Hagi potter Li Shao Guang, who started the culture of Hagi ware in Japan in 1604, Shinbei carries not only the fascinating heritage but also the true essence of Hagiyaki. In 1972 Sakakura Shinbei XIV was appointed an Important Human Cultural Treasure of Yamaguchi Prefecture. The Guinomi bears the artist's seal on its base.

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    An Important Human Cultural Treasure
    Made in a Japanese traditional wood-fired Noborigama
    Examplary work of Hagi-ware

    Ø5.8x5.8xH5 cm
    with original wood box titled, signed and sealed by Sakakura Shinbei
    Handcrafted in Nagato, Japan