Black Yixing Teapot by Wang Jinchuan

Traditional Yixing Teapot by Master Artist Wang Jinchuan
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Yixing, China

8,680.00 € 8680.0 EUR 8,680.00 €

8,680.00 €

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    The Mastery of Yixing Ware

    The refinement of Wang Jinchuan's work represents a distinctive identity of Yixing ware. Taught by Lu Yaochen, the most prominent Yixing potter of modern China, Wang Jinchuan became the new star of Yixing pottery. This teapot is made from natural black clay mixed with purple chamotte. The calligraphy and motive engraved on this teapot are by a renowned calligrapher in China, ensuring this piece is valued not only for its aesthetics but also as a collector’s item.

    Black Clay Yixing Teapot

    Dimension: Ø9.0x9.0xH9 cm (with grip 13cm) | 310cc
    with certificate from the artist
    with a handmade Paulownia wood box