Bizen Shino Guinomi

Bizen Shino guinomi by leading Bizen-ware Artist Takenaka Kenji
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Kibichuo, Japan

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365.00 €

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    A Special Bizen Shino Ware

    This rare Bizen ware is coated with a beautiful Shino glaze. Takenaka Kenji's artworks are highly praised by esteemed art galleries across Japan, including Ginza Kuroda Touen Gallery in Tokyo. After studying with Living National Treasure of Bizen ware Jun Isezaki, Takenaka Kenji built his own noborigama in 1993. Bizen ware is the oldest style of pottery, with a rich history reaching back over 1000 years in Japan.

    Size: Ø7.5x7.5xH6 cm
    with original wood bo titled, signed and sealed by Takenaka
    Handcrafted in Kibichuo, Japan

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    20 days fired in wood-burning Noborigama