Ash Glaze Shochu Wan

Ash Glaze Shochu Wan by Master Ceramist Ikai Yuichi
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan

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870.00 €

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    An Exemplary Ash Glaze Tea Bowl

    This Shochu Wan is an exemplary ash glaze tea bowl by one of the representative artists of Japan, Ikai Yuichi. The strikingly beautiful texture composed of iron glaze and rich white shino glaze contrasts the sincere undertone of natural clay surface, which represents the iconic signature of Ikai. Highly praised by major galleries across Japan, Ikai established Kihei-gama wood-fired kiln in 1984 after studying under the Living National Treasure Shimizu Uichi (1926-2004) and Shimizu Yasutaka. In 2007 he established noborigama climbing kiln up of the mountain in Kyoto.

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    Made in a traditional Japanese wood-fired Noborigama
    Ceramist is a student of Master Shimizu Uichi
    Rare ash glaze artwork

    Ash Glaze Shochu Wan

    Size: Ø9.6x9.6xH6 cm
    with original wood box titled, signed and sealed by Ikai
    Handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan