2nd Urasenke Chashaku Tea Scoop | Sen Shōan


made with precious Susutake Takayama bamboo
Unique Piece | Handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan

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123.00 €

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    Sen Shōan Chashaku Matcha Scoop

    A special Susutake-smoked bamboo Chashaku reserved for Chakai and Chaji. Handcrafted in the exact style of Urasenke II Sen Shōan 1546-1614, by a Kyoto's renowned craftsman. Susutake-smoked Takayama bamboo is a premium bamboo grown in the high mountains of Kyoto. It’s dried in the open air and aged under the snow for at least two winters before being selected for making this type of exceptional Chashaku. The countless hours of work a craftsman spent on this rather simple-looking piece is mind-blowing. The final result is a refined and striking piece of art which represents the philosophy of Japanese tea culture at its best.

    Handcrafted in Japan with made with precious Susutake smoked Takayama Bamboo
    grown and dried in high mountains above Kyoto